A Menacing Warm Glow on canvas, controlling, mystifying, absorbing. Acrylics, 60 cm x 60 cm.

You can back order this painting, colours may differ slightly, but we will do our best to match the colours the best we can. Alternatively, you can commission a painting like this one in a choice of your colour (subject to colour availability). Or if there is anything else you see on our site that you want us to paint or create for you, please pop along to our Commissions Form page. Please fill in as much detail as you can about what it is you require, and we would be only too delighted to try our best to make it for you. Back orders and commissions may take between 2-6weeks.

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Flame1 It’s so strange how something so menacing can still emit a Warm Glow whilst being in your presence. I have always been fascinated by fire, mainly because it was always toasty to stand in front of when you were feeling cold, my Granny always used to call me a human fireguard, she was so funny. I used to watch the Flames dancing, and this is what I hope I have achieved within this piece. Furthermore, I want you to feel the movement of its flames dancing in front of your very eyes, captivating your attention. A real working fireplace is something that not many people get to experience these days.

Acrylic on canvas 60 cm x 60 cm

Commissions undertaken or you can back order this painting which will be the same, but it will be subject to the colours being available. We will match the colours to the best of our ability.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 cm


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