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You can back order this painting, colours may differ slightly, but we will do our best to match the colours the best we can. Alternatively, you can commission a painting like this one in a choice of your colour (subject to colour availability). Or if there is anything else you see on our site that you want us to paint or create for you, please pop along to our Commissions Form page. Please fill in as much detail as you can about what it is you require, and we would be only too delighted to try our best to make it for you. Back orders and commissions may take between 2-6weeks.

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3 Vases

3 Vases is a gorgeous Oil Painting, painted on an artist board, by the artist Lyn Potrykus.

This painting depicts 3 glass vases, one of the vases is transparent, one is semi-transparent and the one is opaque. One of the vases had toppled over, some glass beads had spilt out, and the artist left it as she felt it added more interest to the pictures’ overall layout.

This painting was the artist’s first oil painting, as the artist is mainly known for her Acrylic artwork. The 2nd Oil Painting that this artist painted is ‘Madonna’s Purity’ and as yet, she hasn’t painted anything else using oils.

Later, the artist stumbled upon some Water based Oils, these have a much quicker drying time than Oil Paints. The artist’s stunning picture Svelte Red Rose3 was created using these water based Oil paints.

This particular artwork is enclosed by an ornate, dark oak, wooden frame, it measures W21.0 cm (8.26″) x H29.7 cm (11.69″) unframed. The framed picture measures approximately W34 cm (13.38″) x  H39 cm (15.35″).

The paintings’ signature is on the reverse side of the board, as the artist didn’t want to ruin the picture.

Édouard Manet Flowers in a Crystal Vase, c. 1882 is one of many other artists that have painted Vases on canvases, most of these artists add flowers to their vases.

Commissions undertaken or you can back order this painting which will be the same, but it will be subject to the colours being available. We will match the colours to the best of our ability.

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