A Christmas Card with 3D snowflakes and glittered hat and scarf.  Handmade with matching envelope

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This card is a handmade Christmas card 15 cm x 15 cm The Snowman is wearing his glittered scarf and hat and there are 3D snowflakes all around him.

The verse inside reads as thus:  May, the miracle of, Christmas fill, your heart, with wonder, and joy.

The Snowman image is layered on top of red card and comes complete with a matching red envelope. Did you know that the first illustration of a snowman known to man was found in 1380 by the Historian Bob Eckstein. It was found in an Illuminated Manuscript in The Hague in Netherlands, the book is called Book of Hours. The first photograph to be captured was in 1853 by Mary Dillwyn.

The Snowman is a symbol of winters Joy and seasonal spirits and festivities, much like spring brings flowers and Autumn brings pumpkins.Another fun fact is that a group of snowmen are called a “Melt”.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 cm


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