About us page Caricature of Lyn who is our main artist

Hi there! My name is Lyn, I’m an Artist, Crafter and Seamstress and this is my website.

I love doing anything that is creative, and I especially like to recycle things. If I can re-use something or make something else out of a recycled product I’m a happy bunny.


In house Photographer
picture of Stef our photographer

Stef is our in-house Photographer. (He is not responsible for the Old commisioned photos on my website).

He is a keen organic grower of 30yrs


Business Manager & Business Tutor.
self portrait of sarah

Sarah is our Business Manager and Business Tutor.

She has 5 children that keep her very busy.


Designer and Illustrator
cartoon style self-portrait of illustrator louise

Louise is our Designer and Illustrator, she designed and drew these caricatures of us, there so true to us, I love them.

Louise has won several awards for her art and  illustration work. Louise is also a keen crafter.


Programmer & IT Department
Mat's caricature pic of our tech guy

Mathew is our in house Programmer and IT manager. He graduated in Game Development, but is more passionate about the programming side of things.


Creative Dance Tutor
Hollie in a stunning red dress & Miss Teen Peterborough sash

Hollie is our Creative Dance Tutor.

Hollie has won several Beauty Pageants and has loved dancing since she was able to walk.

She is currently a dance tutor.